Complex Systems and Networks

Complex systems have many features including emergent properties, dynamic networks, and non-linear relationships. This research explores the use of complexity theory and network science to enhance community organizations that address societal problems.

Online Communities

Though there are various types of online communities, this research explores the use of  web-based technologies to support the relevant online and offline interactions of communities that are established solely to fulfill a collective purpose.

Additional research investigates the role of entitativity in online groups, or the extent to which a group is perceived as a real entity. This work in particular, is a collaboration with The Virtual Communities Lab comprised of researchers from the UNC Charlotte Software & Information Systems,  Psychology & Organization Science, and Sociology Departments.

Social Networks

A social network is created by the interdependent relationships of people.  The structure and strength of connections in these networks are especially beneficial among professionals when seeking new opportunities for advancement.  This research utilizes game mechanics to design software systems which help users create, analyze & strengthen their social networks.

Visual Analytics

Visualization and visual analytics tools are being created to aid in the analysis of complex information in a variety of domains. Users interact with visual representations to understand and explore relationships in complex data. Using a financial visualization tool, this research examines how users understand, conceptualize, and remember their behaviors and interactions during the analysis process.