The following courses were taught across several Terms since Fall 2003 in a multi-campus environment. The teaching requirement equates to approximately four to six courses per semester. Moodle or Blackboard Learning Management Systems were used to teach distance courses. Course development work is denoted by *.

CSC 120*,  Computing Fundamentals I
CTI  110,    Web, Programming & DB Foundations
CSC 196*,  Seminar in Computer Science
CTS 289*,  System Support Project Capstone
CTS 288*,  Professional Practices in IT
CTS 115*,  Information Systems Business Concepts
CTS 210,    Computer Ethics
SGD 125,    Simulation and Game Artificial Intelligence
CIS 115,     Intro to Programming and Logic
CIS 110,     Introduction To Computers
CIS 370*,    Database Management Systems
WEB 119,   Web Technology Program Orientation
WEB 111*,  Introduction to Web Graphics
WEB 140,   Web Development Tools
WEB 186*, XML Technology
WEB 210,   Web Design
WEB 215*, Advanced Markup and Scripting
WEB 260*, E-Commerce Infrastructure
WEB 287*, Web E-Portfolio